The 6-week online program exclusively for Greek founders globally.

Have access to network like Greek founders, investors & experts, exchange feedback and get funding.

The program has started! Stay tuned for the next one!

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The Pillars

oofice hours graphic image
Office hours

Attend to weekly live Q&As with successful startup founders, and investors of your country

funding graphic image

Take part in weekly online sessions covering 6 topics that are most valuable to an early-stage tech startup founder

community graphic image

Interact with the European Startup Universe community in the forum

educational material graphic image
Educational content

Receive a weekly curated list with educational content & resources

1-on-1 graphic image
1-on-1 online meetings

Get access to 1-on-1 online meetings with EU fundraising experts, corporates, lawyers, and accountants

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Use discounted or even free services, products and other limited offers

€200+M in funding opportunities if you are looking for funding.

Angel investors

Complete 7/8 progress reports to access Greek-origin angel investors looking to fund startups in your industry

Who is this for? Startups in very early stages
Total money to be invested: €300K
Angels invest through Equity 7-9%, convertible note

VCs, Angel funds & family offices

If you complete 7/8 progress reports and you are a startup with product & revenues looking for additional funding we can connect you with Greek-origin angel funds, family offices & VCs in our network.

Who is this for? Startups in pre-seed or seed stage
Total money to be invested: €200M
VCs, Angel funds & family offices invest through Equity (depends on maturity)

Meet our speakers

Argyrios Spyridis profile photo
Argyrios Spyridis

CEO at Anthology Ventures

Eleftheria Zourou profile photo
Eleftheria Zourou

Founder and CEO of Doctoranytime

Christine Vantola profile photo
Christine Vantola

Entrepreneur, H2H consultant, LMW Founder

Georgios Karamanolis profile photo
Georgios Karamanolis

Co-founder & CTO/CIO at Crowdpolicy & FintelioX - focused on digital transformation, startups, #fintech #govtech

Marina Hatsopoulos profile photo
Marina Hatsopoulos

Board Chair at Levitronix Technologies
Founding CEO of Z Corp

Ioannis Iliadis profile photo
Ioannis Iliadis

Agile Coach at efood

Machi Simeonidou profile photo
Machi Simeonidou

Co-founder & CEO at AgroApps

Andreas Stavropoulos profile photo
Andreas Stavropoulos

Partner at Threshold Ventures

Lida Kourita profile photo
Lida Kourita

Strategy & Clinical Development Lead at Naring Health
U.S. Top 100

Harris Takas profile photo
Harris Takas

Senior Marketing Director at efood

Alice Corovessi profile photo
Alice Corovessi

Managing Director at ΙΝΖΕΒ
Initialising Energy Balance Towards Zero

Dr. Maria Gianniou profile photo
Dr. Maria Gianniou

Empowerment & Leadership Coach
Corporate Trainer
Lead From Within Founder

Meet our experts.

1-on-1 online meetings

Greek-origin experts to help you establish and grow your venture globally.

  • Business Developers
  • CEOs with fundraising experience
  • Marketing & Growth hackers
  • Salespeople
  • Designers & UI/UXs
  • Product developers
  • Lawyers
  • CFOs
Souzana Theodoridou profile photo
Souzana Theodoridou

Start Up Program Manager at Microsoft
Co-Founder of SEO Copywriting Agency
Co-Founder of

Basil Janavaras profile photo
Basil Janavaras

Professor Emeritus of International Business/Marketing, Minnesota State University & President/CEO of Janavaras & Assoc. International, Inc

Konstantinos Amplianitis profile photo
Konstantinos Amplianitis

Metaverse Enabler
Volumetric Video
Empowering user-generated 3D content creation for AR
Deep-tech Entrepreneur
Co-Founder & COO at Volograms

Katerina Papadimitriou profile photo
Katerina Papadimitriou

Partner Success Manager at Autodesk

Aspasia Iosifellis profile photo
Aspasia Iosifellis

Managing Director Foreign Exchange at First Republic Bank

Vasilis Georgitzikis profile photo
Vasilis Georgitzikis

Co-founder & Director at LESS Engines

Panagiotis kovanis profile photo
Panagiotis kovanis

UX/UI Design Specialist at R&D Luizalabs

Eleni Aktypi profile photo
Eleni Aktypi

Startup/Tech Marketing & Communications
Europe, Americas, Middle East

Katerina Santikou profile photo
Katerina Santikou

Managing Director at Workathlon
Intelligence in Hospitality Recruiting
Techstars '20

Lia Farmaki profile photo
Lia Farmaki

I help businesses resolve their legal procedures and grow by customized legal consultation
Specialized in contract drafting
Accredited Litigator & Legal Coach

Vassilis Primikiris profile photo
Vassilis Primikiris

Finance Projects Manager at Spotawheel

Alexander Georgantas profile photo
Alexander Georgantas

Non Commission Revenue Manager

Christina Kousiounelou profile photo
Christina Kousiounelou

People's Department at Satago

Antonis Papachristou profile photo
Antonis Papachristou

Chief Human Resources Officer at ELLAKTOR GROUP

Christiana D. Gardikioti profile photo
Christiana D. Gardikioti

Founder of the "Meraki people"

Vasiliki Foteinou profile photo
Vasiliki Foteinou

Program Manager at Crowdpolicy

Nic Vardakis profile photo
Nic Vardakis

Global Executive
London, England, United Kingdom

Nikolaos Tsoniotis profile photo
Nikolaos Tsoniotis

Engineer, Entrepreneur, Ideator
startups, product management, product innovation
Partner Ideas Forward

Evangelia Xyptera profile photo
Evangelia Xyptera

Chief Executive Officer

Alexia Kotsi profile photo
Alexia Kotsi

Co-founder, CEO Funkmartini & Country Manager at Uala GR

Bill Dimtsas profile photo
Bill Dimtsas

Crypto-Economics Explorer
Co-founder of three
Focus mostly on the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, & play to earn space

Giota Giapoutzi profile photo
Giota Giapoutzi

Managing Director at Frontida sto spiti Koinsep - Home Care Services

Magda Chatzinaki profile photo
Magda Chatzinaki

Yiouli Giannacariou profile photo
Yiouli Giannacariou

Attorney-at-Law, Mediator, Legal Advisor, GDPR Expert & Tech Enthusiast

Vasiliki Kartsiakli profile photo
Vasiliki Kartsiakli

Co-Founder at dot2dot Thessaloniki

Kazakou Felina profile photo
Kazakou Felina

Management Consulting

Toula Victor profile photo
Toula Victor

Data Management, Governance & Risk Management

Christina P. Vraka profile photo
Christina P. Vraka

Co-Founder at dot2dot Thessaloniki

Machi Simeonidou profile photo
Machi Simeonidou

Managing Director at AgroApps

Athina Nousiopoulou profile photo
Athina Nousiopoulou

Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator

Artemis Liontas profile photo
Artemis Liontas

Business Owner

Matthew Lianides profile photo
Matthew Lianides

Founder at Cacao Juntos

Angelos Manglis profile photo
Angelos Manglis

Founder & VP at Atlantis Consulting

Ioannis Papapanagiotou profile photo
Ioannis Papapanagiotou

Director of Engineering at Gemini

Maria Roska profile photo
Maria Roska

Program Manager at Experian

Vasiliki Demas profile photo
Vasiliki Demas

Chief Executive Officer at Tesseract Health

Vasilis Charpidis profile photo
Vasilis Charpidis

Management Consultant

Faye Orfanou profile photo
Faye Orfanou

Innovation Funding Evaluator

Lina Tsaltampasi profile photo
Lina Tsaltampasi

Leonidas Papadopoulos profile photo
Leonidas Papadopoulos

Founder & CEO at Viable- Growth Marketing Agency
Growth Marketing Strategist
Startup Consultant & Investor

Theodoros Kotzastavros profile photo
Theodoros Kotzastavros

Startup Coach & Consultant
Community Builder Empowering communities to co-create a better future for everyone

Christos Panagiotou profile photo
Christos Panagiotou

Sr. Consultant at Deloitte Consulting

Meet our Greek organizer.

Athina Kaltsiki - Greece
Athina Kaltsiki - Greece
Project Manager at InfinityGreece

Personal quote:
I aim to help start-ups to take the next step, to test, explore and venture innovative ideas. I believe experts' advice on this journey can bring meaningful change to any business. As a Co- Founder of two Social Enterprises, Ι am aware that every minute is valuable in fundraising and project management. By involving my organization - InfinityGreece - and myself in this project encourages us to see a world where ideas become action and innovations surround our lives. We envision Greece as strong and supportive of innovation and we believe that through the ESU, founders can minimize potential mistakes and take firmer steps in terms of business moves.


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